Butlers Bingo Review

Like other online bingo game sites, Butlers Bingo will greet you with its butler once you visit their home page. The home page, on the other hand, is well-made and it comes with all the needed information regarding the process, games and promotions. Aside from the traditional bingo games that are available in the site, a player will also have access to casino games which provide an alternative for other players.

For new players, the registration process may take a few minutes or longer. It may also require personal data about the player. Once you have successfully registered, you will be asked to click and claim the welcome bonus that will initially take you inside the friendship room.

However, if you wish to play as soon as possible, you can claim the bonus by choosing the game that you wish to play. The lobby is the place wherein you can claim your bonus and play bingo or other types of the games that the site offers. Also, until the player enters a lobby or a game room, the welcome bonus will not be credited.

Unfortunately, there are only some options of games that can be played on Butlers Bingo like the 90 balls and 75 balls bingo game. Also, the simplicity of the layout will allow you to memorize and follow the flow of the game on the room. The options for buying a ticket are displayed in the right side next to your bingo cards.

On the left side of the screen is the chat room that can be busy all the time because of the interaction between the players. Every player is also allowed to customize his or her game play in several ways as it comes with the options to change the dabber color and shape. However, the manual marking on bingo tickets is not possible. The auto dab is the only feature that Butlers Bingo has. On your first deposit, a player will have an impressive bonus that will allow him/her to purchase more tickets than the usual. Unlike when using free bonus, a player is only entitled to few tickets, and there are also few games that has been made available.

So, if you want to have plenty of cards as much as possible, all you have to do is to make a deposit in order to buy all the playing cards that you want and check out other games that are available for you. Butlers Bingo offers every new player a no deposit scheme in order to claim the bonus that can be used automatically for playing. However, they offer limited promotions unlike other online bingo game sites. They have all kinds of bonuses on every transaction that the player can get.

However, when a player uses the bonus fund purchasing, the ticket supply will be limited unless a player makes a deposit. They also offer cash bonuses on every chat game and this will be provided as an additional income for a player. Generally, the Butlers Bingo is not the best online bingo that can provide fun and prices for every player.