Working with us

The review wants to work with all disabled people, local authorities, service providers, the public, stakeholders and experts to explore personal mobility in residential care.  We are focused on working collaboratively with all stakeholders and to gathering the evidence, input and advice of others.

Some of the ways in which the review has been and will continue working with people are through the following:

Steering Group

Representatives from across a wide range of sectors make up membership of the Steering group.  The group will meet regularly to discuss the work of the Review and hear from expert witnesses. You can find out more here.

Terms of Reference

Notes of the steering groups meetings will be added to the website.

Engaging with experts

The review will be consulting with disabled people, experts from academia, local authorities, service providers and disabled people’s organisations to provide additional advice and evidence on specific issues.

Promoting the review

To ensure as many people as possible are able to respond please do tell people about the review.  Promoting the Low Review has some suggested text to put on Facebook, Twitter or for your website and you can download a poster to promote the review here